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Welcome to this online LANDSCAPE PAINTING IN OILS DEMO series

Ben runs popular DRAWING and PAINTING classes and workshops in his studio but these have curently had to stop due to the CORONAVIRUS pandemic. Therefore a series of online demos have been devised for those wanting to develop their painting skills to be able to join from the comfort of home!

Initially 5 of these sessions were created - but this has been extended. These are now each designed to be 2 HOURS in duration. After payment and before the event, I will email you a link for the ZOOM meeting. When you join, you will need to sign up or download the ZOOM app/program (free). In order to get used to the program it would be a good idea to do this before the start of the session. Then follow the instructions and "join" with video and audio. More help here if you need it: https://zoom.us/ You will be able to see and speak to me.

To begin with I will explain how I make a landscape painting, and my choice of materials - before I then start the painting. Please feel free either to paint at the same time, or just to sit and watch. You are welcome to ask questions as I'm working.

Please have your materials if you do want to paint alongside, with your oils and brushes at the ready! I would also recommend a photo to work from. And hopefully there will be time to have a look at some of your work :)


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